Weight School Webinar Replay

Could It Really Be Possible?

That learning several mind management tools could
Take Weight Loss from a Struggle to a Peaceful Process
, Increase Your Body Acceptance, and Give You a Sense of Control around any kind or amount of food?

The Weight School



It's the answer.

In fact, we both used this exact same process to lose weight, end our struggle, and make peace with our bodies and food.

Since starting our first diet and the subsequent hating of our bodies, we have struggled to lose weight.

But since learning the Weight School tools we have experienced:


  • Freedom around all types of foods
  • More control with eating in the evenings
  • Less obsessive thoughts about food and towards our bodies
  • The ability to stop eating when we are no longer hungry
  • More understanding of what foods help our particular bodies lose weight
  • The ability to manage instead of reacting to emotion
  • More awareness of what causes us to overeat
  • Permanent Weight Loss


So we created The Online Weight School to share these tools and these results with you.

In it, we teach you everything you need to know about using your intelligence to lose weight permanently.

We deliver the classes weekly, so you can learn the material and apply it before moving on to the next concepts.

Class #1 Eating Tools

Class #2 Exercise Tools

Class #3 Feelings

Class #4 Thoughts

Class #5 Self Care

Class #6 Future Focus

Six Weeks of 42 Day Jumpstart

And once you have completed Class #6 we offer you many bonuses.  One of which is Susan's Life is Delicious program and the other being Brooke's Why Can't I Lose Weight Class, used by hundreds of her personal clients to lose weight. The other bonuses are a surprise-but remember we always over-deliver.

The tuition for Weight School is $327. This includes all the course content, access to our community, and lifetime membership to all upgrades and live classes.

And with this offering you will also get six LIVE COACHING CALLS with Brooke Castillo and Susan Hyatt, two bonus videos on style and motivation, and our new process titled FINDING YOUR FUEL.

We are known for over-delivering and this course is no exception.
We promise you.


What is Weight School?

The Weight School  is a cross between mind therapy and a personal trainer.
But it's far less annoying and aggressive than both
(while still delivering serious results).

Here's how a The Weight School Works...

1. When you sign up you are taken directly to Class #1 which includes a Video Lesson on all of the Eating Tools we teach.

2. You will watch the video which runs about twenty minutes.  It will give you many tools you most likely have never used in losing weight.

3. You will then be directed to the Homework Video where you will start to apply the tools to your own Weight Loss.

4. Each week you will be given access to the next set of tools and lessons that follow the same format.

5. You are given 6 complete classes, the whole 42 Day Jumpstart, and many additional bonuses at the end of the six weeks.

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If you want some extra care as you go through Weight School, then the VIP option is for you.

You get everything offered to all Weight Schoolers, plus:

Weekly private (group of 10) coaching call with Brooke for six weeks (Tuesdays 11am PT or 5pm PT alternating)

One on one private session with a certified coach once a week for six weeks (custom scheduled)

Ongoing private forum of 10 people with certified coach for 12 weeks

Live 42 Day Jumpstart Program (weekly calls) second six weeks with certified coach

Limited to first 10


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The Process is Life Changing...

"I can't say enough about how much this process has affected me.  I have lost weight, but the tools I have learned will have an ongoing effect on the rest of my life."

-Jen Anderson

Struggling with your weight may seem like a curse, but if you are anything like us, you will see that it can also be a blessing.  It can be an invitation to understand not only your body, but your mind.

By discovering the reasons you are the weight you are today, the reasons you have been overeating, and the patterns that lead to undesired results;  you can create a more intimate and energizing relationship with yourself and your weight.

"Frequently Asked Questions"


Is Weight School easy to use?

Absolutely! We give you full directions on how to access classes which are very user friendly and easy. We are easy to contact and provide any support you need.  There is an OPTIONAL group forum that you can join where it is easy to get support, but if you would rather remain anonymous, then you can email  questions directly to us and we will answer them on the live calls that are sent directly to you.

Can I ask questions as I go through the class?

Absolutely!  We have an online group community you can join and you can ask us anything on the live coaching calls.

How long will I have access to the course?

You will have ongoing access which will include updates, free online classes and support.

Does Weight School require me to go on a diet?

No.  This program is designed and customized so you can create your own eating plan through our Find Your Fuel Process, which based on your personal tastes and your body's requirements for fuel.

How much weight will I lose?

You will lose weight if you apply the tools we give you.  You just will.  How much will depend on your body and how much you want to lose.

What if I lose motivation, as I often do, when I try to lose weight?

One of the modules goes into detail about what causes a lack of motivation.  We work very specifically in teaching you  how to manage your mind and energy ongoing.

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We asked current Weight School students to share some of what they have learned going through the school...

...to listen to my body, and only eat when I need too!!!!

-Heather Johnson

...to pay attention to what my body is telling me.

-Melanie Robinson

...that there is no good or bad, right or wrong, or better or worse when it comes to my choices, in the ultimate sense. No one is keeping track or judging me, except myself. I have ultimate freedom, and ultimate responsibility for what I choose to do, or not do, and only I can decide.


...I am in control of what I put in my mouth!!!!

-JoAnn Kelly

One thing I learned in Weight School that has helped me is…knowing the answer to emotional eating is loving myself...in my thoughts.

-Sandra Phenning

That it is ok to feel my feelings. That it is ok to be kind to myself during this process.

-Michele Gill

...that my body always wants what's best for me. Negative thoughts might interlude and try to convince me differently, but my body loves me deeply and will always work in my best interests and towards my goals.

-Zsofi Koller

When I manage my mind, ANYTHING is possible!!  Weight school has changed my life!!

-Laure Kalister

I learned that the main focus of weight loss is my thoughts about food, eating, my body, everything! What I do or don't do is directly connected to my thoughts.

-Patricia Craighead

The Hunger Scale  -  really listen to my body, my stomach, and if I'm hungry, I eat.  If I'm not hungry, what is it that I'm "hungry" for?

-Jane Herman

To be kind and feed myself instead of being mean and punish myself with food.

-Erin Kelley

To recognize the sensation of physical hunger vs the feeling of emotional hunger.

-Cindy Ball

Only “1” thing??? Good grief!

Weight School has changed my life..literally.  I know that sounds so cliché, but it’s true.  When I finally grasped that “I” was in control of my health and wellness I began to make serious changes that increased my energy, helped me drop weight, and dramatically changed the way I think.  I am not the same person since Weight School and I refer back to that Facebook page constantly and I also re-listen to some of the calls.

I have been coached by at least 6 other weight loss coaches and NOTHING, absolutely NOTHING comes close to what I have learned in Weight School.

So, if I MUST keep it to one thing…I would say..the one thing that I learned from Weight School is how the power of my thoughts are in my control and that “I” get to choose how to eat, move, and create my life.

-Nancy Curtis

How much my weight has to do with some seriously jacked up thoughts!

-Candi Freed

...food is just food. It’s not love, it’s not going to make someone call, it’s not a problem solver, it is not going to make what your putting off go away or magically get done while you eat,it is not going to entertain you, it just lays there (and YOU  are person who is going to have to clean up the kitchen afterwards).  It’s just food.  Plain and simple.

-Nancy Beaumont

Paying attention to how much you are eating

-Dawne Meijer

The eating scale from -2 to +2.  Exercise but not just for the benefit of losing weight.

I learned about fueling my body (fuel foods).  Different types if eating:  storm, fog, fuel and joy.

How negative beliefs can f- up everything. 🙂  So much good stuff!

-Shelle Winkler

Awareness about why I eat when I'm not hungry.

-Jennifer Wallace

That I can trust myself and my body to take care of me nutritionally, emotionally, and spiritually.

-Nicole Stump

...that all of my thinking is revealing. It all leads me back to myself. Even scary, icky thoughts can be interacted with in a way that helps me.

-Adriane Nichols

One thing I learned in Weight School that has helped me is...

if you do the work (like REALLY do the work), your WHOLE LIFE gets better, not just your weight.


-Nicole Ragognetti (happier and 15 lbs lighter)

I am not my thoughts. Thanks!!

-Hilarie Hoting

The hunger scale!

-Susan Beekman Reagan

Wow so many miraculous gifts from this school

I learned to empower and respect myself by catching myself in the spur of a moment of fog or storm eating and make a choice that allows me to show up for myself with dignity and kindness and walk away feeling freeer, lighter and happier.

I learned that i dont have to eat by the clock and that more than half the time i was eating i wasnt even hungry (and boy have my food bills gone down!!!)

I learned  to be curious, and engaged with the anger, fear, lonliness, boredom, isolation,  destruction and watch kindly and carefully that moment of choice where i might give up on myself and life and instead-- see it as a link to my spiritiality like breadcrumbs leading me back home to myself. Then take a few breaths, smile to myself and whisper "i did it" "yeahhhhhhhhhh meeee"

I learned that..... instead of dying or running scared--i choose to live and love FEARLESSLY when those big grizzly bear thoughts come clawing at my door.

I learned that that i can stock my frig with my favorite icecream "Coconut Bliss" and look forward to the 10% joy eating and that that is  soooooooooo enuf and i dont feel deprived at all....(who knew!!!!)

I learned to trust myself now...trust this process....trust my longing for freedom. And i have actually stopped wanted to do anything that interferes with this increasing feeling of brightness and lightness that i associate with being "truly alive".

I learned that this  miraculous mantra "eat what your body wants" has given my body permission to uncover its original agreement at the hush of existence ....that it has been given to me as a gift to be a container for the light...and that I am now getting the courage and strength to turn down any "stand-ins" (foods) that don't act as a mirror reflecting that love, joy an radiance..

I learned that  I want to continue to  keep touching, exploring and discovering those difficult emotions and go deeply inside myself... not use food to veil that discovery of that  which i truly am.

 Its like i am hip to the "game of hide and seek" that i used to play ......and now eating in accordance with the 2's is such a holy act..its like saying.......peek a boo, i seee you.....and i keep falling in love with myself and i am sooo happy to be home to that.

I guess i have said enuf...this was actually stream of consciousness...i put my fingers to the keys and this is what they said....

Thank you so much...the benefits of this program go way beyond the words above and i feel so privilege and touched to be part of it...

-Jan Troy

... That if I'm overweight it's because I'm eating more than my body needs ...period

-Veronica Connors

Getting to the root emotions and triggers is more important than counting calories.

-maribeth damico

If hunger is not the problem, food is not the solution.

-Gwen Ridley

One thing I learned in Weight School that has helped me is:   how to learn what my hunger barometer is by eating between the 2's.

-Gina Drummond

The Hunger Scale and "If I'm not hungry, food is not the answer!"

-Denny Daniels

There are too many to count. If I had to pick just one, I would say that there is no emotion I can't handle WITHOUT FOOD!

-Caroline Greene

Learning at least one of the reasons I didn't (subconsciously) want to lose weight.

-Joan Patricia Young

My body only needs 1/4 of the food I had been eating to feel full.

-Melissa Grzely

To be conscious of the reasons that I drink.  The Weight School changed my relationship with alcohol.

-Beth Wraga

...the 4 different types of eating

-Sandra Hammock

One thing I learned in Weight School that has helped me is…that just because I am not perfect doesn’t mean I should give up. These are permanent changes that take time to incorporate into my life.

-Shari Broder

...my body has a LOT to say... and my life is better when I have the patience to listen to her!

-Diane Volcko

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